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Cohesity Analytics Workbench
In-place analytics and applications for managed data

Cohesity Analytics Workbench


Cohesity Analytics Workbench (AWB) empowers organizations to find new and meaningful business insights in their data while parsing the same massive data sets to prevent cybercrime and compliance violations. Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates all data in a single platform, whether across on-premises, the cloud, or remote sites. Cohesity AWB is an in-place data analytics solution available within Cohesity DataPlatform that allows business to analyze and extract detailed information directly without the need to migrate data to an application server. AWB comes with three applications—Pattern Finder, Password Detector, and Video Compressor—to support critical use cases including eDiscovery, threat analysis, and compliance monitoring, saving IT and business leaders time. AWB also allows IT to develop new custom applications using open APIs.

Analytics Workbench-Architecture