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Why Cohesity

Cohesity CEO & President, Sanjay Poonen, outlines Cohesity’s vision and why Cohesity is the leader in AI-Powered Data Security & Management.

Modern challenges need
modern solutions

Your data is a uniquely valuable resource and can be a significant competitive advantage. But the more data you have, the more complex it is to manage. And with rapidly increasing ransomware and other cyber threats, your data—and business—is more vulnerable than ever.

At Cohesity, we believe technology should work harder and smarter for you, whether it’s reducing complexity, keeping your business secure, or delivering more value. We relentlessly innovate to build the leading data security and management platform to help you stay ahead of modern-day challenges.

Power your future with the Cohesity Data Cloud

Discover Cohesity CEO and President Sanjay Poonen's vision for why the Cohesity Data Cloud is leading the next era of data security and management.

Cohesity 4 Pillars

Transformational, yet radically simple

Get cyber resilient data security and management for hybrid and multicloud environments.

Simplicity Icon

Simplicity at Scale

Manage everything in one place, expand with ease.

  • Single webscale software platform powers multiple use cases
  • Single UI provides global visibility and control across the multicloud and hybrid cloud
  • Flexible deployment choice: self-managed, partner-managed, or SaaS
Zero Trust Icon

Zero Trust Security

Detect, protect, and rapidly recover from ransomware attacks.

  • Built-in AI-powered threat detection, immutability, and instant mass restore thwarts ransomware attacks
  • Disaster recovery and automated failover minimize downtime
  • Integration with leading security ecosystem partners automates and extends protection
Powered by AI Icon

Powered by AI

Improve decisions and act faster with built-in smart capabilities.

  • SmartAssistant offloads manual effort, provides proactive alerts, and health checks
  • AI-based threat detection and scanning counters cybercrime, including ransomware
  • AI-powered recommendations reduce cost and improve performance
3rd Party Extensibility Icon

3rd Party Extensibility

Leverage marketplace apps or integrate with industry-leading solutions.

  • Discover and download third-party and Cohesity apps for analytics, reporting, compliance, security, data masking, and more
  • Enable self-service operations through ready-to-use automation and orchestration tool integrations
  • Build, automate, and manage operational workflows to cut cost and time
Ransomware Readiness Cover

Ransomware Readiness Guide

Learn how to protect your data
against ransomware—and rapidly recover it if an attack occurs.

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