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Readiness Guide

Strengthen Your Data Security & Cyber Resiliency

Ransomware Guide Cover

Ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated and costly, while their velocity increases. The average cost of rectifying an attack is over $1.85 million (without paying the ransom). So, can you risk not strengthening your organization’s cyber resiliency?

This in-depth guide gives you all the practical information and evaluation criteria you’ll need to assess options and find your best-fit solution.

See how these five critical actions empower your organization to counter ransomware:

  • Protect your backup data and system
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access
  • See and detect attacks to stop encroachment
  • Strengthen your security posture with integrations and APIs
  • Ensure rapid recovery at scale

The Increasing Blast Radius of Ransomware

Cybercriminals are coming for the data that powers your business. How successful they’ll be at extorting ransom depends on what you do today to fortify your environment and improve your ability to respond should an attack occur.

Ransomware threats are evolving. Targets and tactics are expanding. If it hasn’t happened already, soon you’ll be asked how you’re countering the various ways in which cybercriminals are aiming to disrupt your operations.

Ransomware 1.0 Ransomware 2.0 Ransomware 3.0
Malware Target Production data Backup data
Backup systems
Production data
Backup data
Backup systems
Production data
Data to illegally remove
Method of attack Encryption Encryption Encryption and exfiltration
How companies are countering the attack Backup & recovery system Immutable backups and cyber vaulting Early detection and continuous monitoring

Reduce downtime with rapid recovery

Recover with confidence at scale to any point and location. Cohesity helps reduce downtime and ensure business recovery after a ransomware attack.

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Recover with confidence

Gain deep visibility and recover predictably. Avoid reinjecting cyber threats and vulnerabilities saved from production data.

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Recover instantly at scale

Instantly recover hundreds of objects/VMs, NAS data, and databases to any backup point in time, leveraging fully-hydrated snapshots and MegaFile.

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Recover flexibly

Take advantage of Continuous Data Protection to recover mission-critical data to any point and location.