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Cohesity C4300 Series Hyperconverged Nodes
Designed to consolidate all your storage and data services.

Cohesity C4300 Data Platform


The Cohesity C4300 hyperconverged nodes provide the ideal building block for Cohesity DataPlatform™. Each node provides compute, flash and HDD capacity to consolidate storage and data services. Scale your capacity as needed, starting with as little as three nodes and scaling out linearly by simply adding individual nodes.

Pay as you grow.

Pay as you grow.

Convert your on-premises VMs to native cloud formats to support application mobility for dev/test.

Always on.

Always on.

The era of both planned and unplanned outages are over! The Cohesity DataPlatform is a highavailability fully-distributed architecture for the enterprise. The system continues to be available even in the event of a complete node failure. Rolling software updates ensure continuous availability during planned maintenance activities.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

Designed for Consolidation

Provides compute and storage capacity to consolidate. Converge data protection, file services, object storage, dev/test and analytics data on a single platform. Minimize data movement and bring compute to the data. Hybrid design supports IO intensive operation with high throughput and low-latency PCI-e based flash storage.