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Cohesity C3500 Series Highdensity Hyperconverged Nodes
Capacity-optimized for larger and data intensive workloads

Cohesity C3500 Data Platform


Cohesity C3500 is industry’s most dense data management storage appliance that supports up to 183.68 TB primary capacity per node. As a turnkey solution, the C3500 series is an ideal platform to consolidate and simply manage ever increasing unstructured data in the form of media, archive, file and object data. C3500 was designed to support Cohesity’s DataPlatform that offers advantages like unlimited scalability, single UI, global deduplication, unlimited snapshots, and software-based encryption.

Optimized Capacity

Optimized Capacity

Designed to handle high volumes of larger files and objects, the new C3500 eliminates the need for any forklift expansions to address your current and future file and object storage needs. With raw capacity of 183.68 TB, the C3500 offers unmatched value for customers looking for a simple, unified and economical to scale storage platform.

Always on.

Pay As You Grow

With Cohesity’s scale-out architecture, start as small as three nodes and scale limitlessly to address your growing business requirements.